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All our beers are unfiltered and unpasteurised. Our bottled range is vegan friendly.




PALE | 3.7%

This beer is a very sessionable hoppy pale ale. We use Cascade and Summit hops to give it a hugely aromatic nose. It is light in body and low in bitterness making it very moreish. 

Available in 500ml bottle and 9g cask.


RED | 4.2%

The Red is an aromatic yet malty beer that balances a lifted bitterness with mouthfeel and aroma. It does this using a combination of four different hops and six different malts.


Available in 9g cask.


The Makers Series were created to charm both the eye and the taste buds. Our carefully crafted beers are wrapped in carefully crafted design by Jo Waterhouse and are available for you to enjoy in 500ml bottles.

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DARK | 4.5%

A stout style with a huge roasted character, chocolate and coffee flavours and a dry finish.

Available in 500ml bottle and 9g cask.






Aged in ex Mersault barrels for 10 months, our Wheat beer takes on hints on vanilla and coconut. A subtly complex beer that is pure and refreshing.

Available soon.




This beer is what we imagine the original IPA's that were shipped to India tasted like. It adopts more malt character than an American style IPA. Plenty of locally grown Target hops go into this brew giving a citrus and orange punch and an assertive bitterness to carry the higher ABV.

Available in 500ml bottle and 9g cask.