15/6 - Next beer in the single hop edition range - Coming very soon - Citra Pale



12/4/17 - We have a new Pale ale now available for the summer. Brewed with the American hop Columbus. Zesty, citrusy and 4.5%. Kegs now online also!

15/12/16 - New beer into our staple range. Rich, indulgent and just in time for Christmas! On draught at the tap from the 22nd. 

4/12/16 - The wine tasting was brilliant and £1300 was raised for the Hastings Foodbank. Nice work everyone

4/12/16 - Setting up for our Christmas Taste Up

10/9 - We spent the weekend making space for you inside, should be cosy in the winter.

30/8 - We have been playing around with some new hops this week and have also bottled our barrel aged wheat beer. It. Is. Delicious.

28/7 - In Rye? This is our local, The Standard. Great food, great atmosphere. You can try our beers here too!

23/7 - Tommo a.k.a Paso Primero, was in helping us out today.

24/6 - Full house this Friday afternoon, we like the sun.

23/6 - Delivery from Moons Green Charcuterie today. Every product is delicious, beersticks now on the bar. 

17/5 - Rose Dog

18/4 - Our local hop garden, lapping up the rays. Target hops from here go into our English IPA. 

13/3 - Our Makers Series is now complete! Thanks to Jess from Borough Wines in Hastings for this photo. Fantastic shop with some very very good wines. 

19/1 - We visited our new malt supplier. Since 1855 they have been producing malt using the traditional floor process. Fascinating visit and we came away with some high quality grain to add into the mix. 

27/01 - If you haven't been down to The Crown in Hastings yet. You must. The food is seriously good and you can try all of our beers from cask.  

22/01 - Nice picture of a our Dark before being consumed from Matthew Curtis. Cheers to that.


5/01 - The Crown in Hastings came and enjoyed a few beers for their Christmas party, great crew.

2/01 - Happy New Year! New Year and New beer.. Local hopped IPA now on the shelves.. Open until 3.30pm today

28/12 - Hope you all had a great Christmas. See INFO for opening hours, or just look here...

Open from 10am to 5pm - Tuesday, Wednesday and New Years Eve. Four more casks on the bar ready to fill you back up! 

22/12 - We are open 10-5, today, tomorrow and Christmas eve with four casks on the bar!

15/12 - Fresh, fragrant and oily. We have started brewing with hops grown a few fields across. Some of you tried our IPA with Organic Challenger hops. Next up, Target. 

7/11 - Off on deliveries this morning. The Crown in Hastings and The Two Sawyers in Pett. On their pumps very soon!

23/11 - We have started conditioning our beers in flagons as well. Perfect Christmas pressie for the beer lover. GOLD, AMBER and DARK available now!

29/10 - Our DARK is now available in cask. Try it at The Standard Inn, Rye. It'll keep you warm during these chillier months.

24/10 - Casks on today at the brewery tap, IPA, AMBER and DARK. Pair of pints to go? 

22/10 - Shellfish and wheat beer.. I've heard they go well together. Get down to The Urchin in Hove and pair up some goodness with our WHEAT. 

30/09 - Our PALE is here! Please drink from bottle, cask or flagon. Come and get one!

14/9 - Bison Beer Crafthouse in Brighton now stocking our bottles. Great guys, great shop, great beer.


15/8 - Dry hopped the PALE today with Cascade and Summit. Smells amazing

16/7 - Today the pilot kit was back out to brew a small batch of DARK for the MAKERS SERIES. Five different malts in this tasty beverage.


15/7 - Brewed a Pale today. Light in body, low in alcohol and plenty of hops. Certainly a staple for your fridge.

12/7 - First brew on new kit in the bag - IPA Lot 1