The Three Legs formed whilst studying winemaking at university. Sam, Ben and Tom were christened such when it became apparent that none of the three relished being involved in academic rigour but succeeded with the friendship of the other two.

On graduation, they all agreed that one day they would own a vineyard together somewhere in the sun and that their label would be The Three Legs. The group scattered to pursue winemaking careers around the world.

Sam was making wine in California and after work drinks from the craft beer scene were having a profound effect, providing flavours only available through the discipline of beer. Ben was making wine for a living and producing beer as a hobby, secretly harbouring a philosophy that wine was perhaps just a frippery whereas beer was a staple as fundamental as bread, potatoes or pasta.

In 2013, two of The Three Legs, Sam and Ben, were in the same country for the first time in a long time. Whilst managing a winery together thoughts about beer and flavours were aired... 

We started making beer because we like beer, we enjoyed the process and compared to winemaking the turnaround from raw materials to finished product was weeks rather than years. We started drinking the beer with our friends and then they started offering to pay for it. The Three Legs Brewing Company was born and although we are increasingly producing more beer, we promise to you what we promised ourselves, they will never be shy on flavour and character.