The Brewhouse & The Beers

We have a 4BBL stainless steel brewery inside a repurposed cattle shed on a working farm, our brewery is designed with simplicity and flexibility in mind. We can produce beers in both cask and kegs in different styles.

All our beers are unfiltered and unpasteurised, we focus on clear flavours and endeavour to brew beers true to style. All our bottled beers are bottled unfiltered by us on site and are naturally conditioned. We believe that filtration and pasteurisation are detrimental to flavour which is what we value above all. 


The brewery tap was never planned but has evolved into a weekly event. People are welcome to come and taste all the beers, chat, have a look around the brewery and enjoy a pint or two.. or three.


The wine section came about because we missed our roots. In the main our wines are imported by us direct from the producers, who are also our friends, this means we can all enjoy better wine at a better price.

Where our waste goes.

All our spent grain and hops go to our friend Andy at Park Farm in Hawkhurst. The cattle and pigs love it so nothing goes to waste. Andy's produce is particularly good, visit him or his website: